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A Guide to Table Lamps

A Guide to Table Lamps

Selecting the appropriate table lamp can add a flourish to any room's interior design.

The secondary light provided by a lamp can give a room a unique mood, perfect for relaxing, reading, or—when used in conjunction with an overhead light—make a room brighter and more inviting. With so much riding on a table lamp, selecting a suitable lamp is very important. To make this process that much easier, we’re sharing some of our expertise with you and giving you a guide on selecting a suitable desk lamp to complement your home or property's interior.


How to choose table lamps?

Before selecting a table lamp, various factors must be considered. These factors can be broken down into the below categories:

- Size
- Interior Placement
- Lamp Type

Let’s focus on these different categories.


Lamp Size

Don't underestimate the power of scale! Many people buy lamps before measuring their intended spot, leading to an unbalanced look. The key is to find a lamp that complements its surroundings. A giant lamp can overwhelm a small room, so consider a sleek, slender option instead. Conversely, a tiny lamp might get dwarfed in an ample space. In that case, opt for a statement piece with a bolder presence.


Interior Placement

Positioning lamps in shadowy corners brightens them, making the room feel larger and more inviting. Table lamps excel at creating well-lit seating areas, turning them into cosy focal points. Remember, function matters. A living room lamp designed for reading might not suit a bedroom needing a softer ambience. Consider the room's purpose and choose table lamps that complement its atmosphere.


Lamp Type

Different lamps are more suited to other rooms in the house. While not a hard and fast rule by any means, broadly speaking, lamps are:

- Dining room lamps

Set the mood for romantic dinners with the warm glow of table lamps. Side tables and buffets are ideal spots for these. Flanking your sideboard with lamps, like bedside lamps, creates a balanced and polished look. Since dining room lamps often go against walls or corners, why not make a statement with an oversized, decorative design? Just choose a shade or diffuser to ensure the light stays soft and inviting.

For Dining room lights, we suggest:

- Secret Garden Table Lamp
- Cunningham 2 AB TL

- Living room lamps

Living room table lamps: ambience, style, and function. The perfect living room lamp complements your main lighting, transforming the space into a warm haven at night. But it's not just about function! Think of it as a stylish accessory, adding a touch of flair to your decor even when switched off.

For living room lamps, we suggest:

- Star TL
- Hoop

- Bedroom lamps

Unwind before bed with the perfect bedroom table lamp. Essential for reading and creating a calming atmosphere, bedroom lamps should bathe the room in soft, diffused light. Imagine yourself curled up with a captivating book – that's the ideal illumination level.
Position your lamps on either side of the bed for easy access while tucked in. Two lamps create a balanced look, but remember to consider height! When seated in bed, the lamp base should be at eye level, directing light onto your lap, not straight into your eyes.

Since bedside tables often become a haven for phones, books, and other essentials, choose a slimline lamp that doesn't crowd the space. This ensures you have room for those bedtime necessities and a warm light.

For bedroom lamps, we suggest

- Delphine TL
- Kew TL

- Office Lamps

Brighten your home office with task lighting! Good lighting is essential, whether you're tackling bills or late-night work sessions. A desk lamp provides a focused beam of light to illuminate your workspace and prevent eye strain.

Choose an adjustable desk lamp with a flexible arm and neck so you can direct the light exactly where you need it. You can also add table lamps around the room on side tables or shelves to create a more relaxing work environment.

For office lamps, we suggest

Manning Table Lamp Polished Nickel
Morgan AB

If you’d like to view our extensive range of table lamps, you can find them online today.


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