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Bathroom Lighting- What Are Your Options?

Due to the risk of electrocution regarding Irish electrical outlets and water, many people feel quite limited when it comes to bathroom lighting.

With options basically non-existent for atmospheric lamps or plug-in lighting, many bathrooms across the country are fitted with standard ceiling lights, which are obviously fit for purpose but leave a lot to be desired in terms of mood and atmosphere.
Luckily, as interior décor trends and electrical technology progresses, there are now more options than ever when it comes to bathroom lighting. Here are some of our favourite, that don’t involve bright fluorescent bulbs in a boring ceiling light!


Wall Lighting

One of the best ways to evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation with lighting is by installing wall lights. Similar to ceiling lights, wall lights are wired off your mains electricity source and can be installed by a qualified electrician (or the Bright Ideas Lighting team). Available in a massive range of styles, colours, materials, and finishes, it’s hard to find a lighting solution with quite as much versatility. Wall lights are a fantastic alternative to floor lamps, and can be fitted with soft, yellow-toned bulbs to give a relaxing, warming, and atmospheric feel that’s best enjoyed in a steaming hot bath with a good book and lots of bubbles. What’s even better is that wall lighting can be used as a standalone lighting source or in conjunction with your main ceiling light for added light on those dark winter mornings and evenings.



Mirror Lighting

A product taking the interior décor world by storm of late is smart mirrors; especially mirrors with built-in lighting. Smart mirrors come with a range of functions, from non-fog light-up mirrors to full television and USB charging mirrors, there’s something for all preferences and budgets on the market. When planning bathroom lighting, investing in a smart mirror with a light is a fantastic way of increasing the light capabilities of your bathroom in a hidden and subtle manner. While mirror lighting can be used to vastly increase the lighting in a bathroom, helping you get ready in the morning with ease, it can also be used as a standalone lighting source to create a softer and more tranquil feel in the room. With many smart mirrors and mirrors with lights offering lighting that can be controlled to emit a range of brightness levels, mirror lighting is both effective and convenient in any bathroom.



Revamp Your Bathroom Ceiling Lighting

If you’re tight on budget or simply do not want the effort of rewiring new lighting into your bathroom, revamping your bathroom ceiling lighting with a new lampshade is a simple but effective solution that really works. For a luxurious twist on bathroom lighting, ditch the magnolia shade and fluorescent bulbs and install a warm-toned bulb with a dramatic chandelier. Alternatively, bathrooms can be instantly modernised with funky pendant lighting completed with a metal-look or glass shade to cover the bulb. Choose your style and budget, and shop in our online store today to find the perfect bathroom ceiling light or shade to suit your vision today.
With quick delivery across Ireland and unbeatable prices on a range of lighting products including bulbs, shades, chandeliers, lamps, and more, you might as well!



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