Choosing Bathroom Lighting to Enhance Your Space

Choosing Bathroom Lighting to Enhance Your Space

When it comes to decorating your home, many of us are guilty of totally neglecting our bathroom spaces.

In comparison to other rooms in the home, such as the living room and kitchen, the bathroom isn’t used all that often and can be forgotten about when it comes to interior design. This being said, however, transforming your bathroom into the perfect space to complement the desired feel and aesthetic of your home can make all the difference to your mood and quality of life in your property.
Perhaps we’re biased, but lighting really does change the feel of a space, and your bathroom is no different. Here, we will run through some options for bathroom lighting that could bring your bathroom space to life and create a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation that you’re sure to love.

Decorative Ceiling Lights
Due to the potential danger of electricity in a bathroom, it can be difficult to choose lighting that really compliments the aesthetic of your space while remaining safe. When it comes to bathroom lighting, funky lamps and floor lamps are out of the question due to the potential risks they pose. That being said, however, investing in a high-quality decorative ceiling light can do wonders for the overall look of your space. From large, dramatic chandeliers to modern and minimalist ceiling lights, installing a decorative ceiling light as the centre piece of your bathroom can instantly transform the look and feel of the space.

Bathroom Wall Lights
If you want to transform your bathroom into a tranquil paradise where you can relax in the bath with some candles lit, bathroom wall lights are a fantastic option to install. Unlike traditional ceiling lights, bathroom wall lights can be adjusted to provide a more muted and moody lighting choice, ensuring that a relaxing, sleepy mood can be achieved. With a range of styles and options available, you can choose as many bathroom wall lights as you desire to create the bathroom space of your dreams. From bright fluorescent lights to muted yellow bulbs, there’s something to suit all styles, tastes, and budgets with our range of bathroom wall lights.

How Do I Install Bathroom Lights?
As aforementioned, the dangers posed by traditional electric lamps and floor lamps mean that bathroom lighting generally has to be installed by a qualified electrician. Not only does this ensure safety, but also guarantees that your bathroom lighting will be installed correctly. Here at Bright Ideas Lighting, our team of Athlone lighting specialists offers quick call-outs and electrical lighting installation services to ensure that you’re never left such when it comes to your Athlone lighting needs. For a safe, quick, efficient, and professional service, why not get in touch today?


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