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How to Plan Lighting in Your Home

While the colour and brightness of your home lighting will contribute massively to the overall feel and atmosphere of your home, the position of your lighting features will also add to this.

Oftentimes, lighting can benefit or hinder the mood of rooms in the home, so it’s important to think carefully about the different kinds of lighting that should be installed in each space. Lighting can come from ceiling lights, lamps, wall-mounted lights, and more, with a range of bulb types and strengths available to help you achieve that perfect bright glow in any room. If you’re thinking of shaking up the lighting in your own home, or simply want to learn more about how lighting can affect your space, read on to find out.

Consider Your Rooms’ Purpose

Before trying to decide what kind of lighting you want in your home, the most important thing to do is make a note of the purpose of each room whose lighting that you are changing. As aforementioned, lighting can have a serious effect on the mood and feel of a space, so it’s important to be sure of the atmosphere that you want to achieve before seeking out lighting that helps this. For example, compare the bedroom and the kitchen in the home, and think about their different functions. While the bedroom is usually a space for relaxing and winding down, the kitchen serves as the heart of the home and is often a place of great energy and excitement. Because of these two very different functions, the spaces will have very different lighting requirements.

Where Should Lights be Placed?
After thinking about what you wish to achieve with your new lighting solutions, it’s important to consider where the lights should be placed in the space available. As well as thinking aesthetically here, and planning where spotlights vs subtle lights should shine, it’s important to consider your lighting outlets and plugs, too. Having a good idea of where light can and can’t go is important as it helps you to understand your options when it comes to the lighting systems you will be able to install. For example, if you want a floor lamp in your bedroom but don’t have an available plug outlet to switch it in, a battery lamp or a weaker lightbulb in your ceiling light could be a good compromise. Planning is key when it comes to organising a total lighting overhaul in your home.

Choose Your Light Fixtures Carefully
After extensive planning and organisation, it’s now time for the fun part- choosing and installing the light fixtures for each part of your home. Bright Ideas Lighting offers an extensive range of lighting fixtures for all rooms in the house ranging from floor and table lamps to decorative ceiling lights, outdoor lighting, chandeliers, fluorescent lighting, and more. We also provide a wide range of fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs to ensure that you’re never left stuck. Whether you visit us equipped with all of the information you need for your new home lighting system or would like us to offer some expert advice, we’re always happy to help. After choosing your light fixtures, we also offer a call-out lighting installation service to get your new home lighting up and running as soon as possible at your convenience.


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