How to Use Lighting to Transform Your Home

If you’re getting tired of the design of your home and crave a revamp, you may be surprised to hear that you don’t have to go all out investing in new furniture and paints to transform your space. Interestingly, lighting is one of the most important elements of décor in the home, greatly contributing to the look, feel, and atmosphere of the rooms in your property.

Here, the team at Bright Ideas Lighting will explain how lighting can transform a space, and how to choose the best lighting solutions to suit your individual requirements. Whether you’re looking for a bright and airy kitchen area or want to make your living room a warm, cosy haven, Bright Ideas Lighting has the solution for you.

Accent Lighting Will Warm Up a Room

Accent Lighting refers to lighting such as floor lamps, reading lamps, table lamps, and even wall lights that aren’t as strong as traditional ceiling lights. Accent lighting is a fantastic way of warming up a room, offering comfortable, cosy light that can be controlled by the strength of bulb installed. For rooms that you want to make that little bit cosier, such as bedrooms and living rooms, accent lighting is the perfect solution. Bright Ideas Lighting offers a huge range of traditional and modern accent lighting suitable for all tastes, styles, and budgets. Choose from vintage-style table lamps to soften the atmosphere of your living room, or revamp your bedroom with a stylish reading light for a modern and homely feel. No matter what level of warmth and comfort you desire in these rooms, great accent lighting will help you achieve it.

Fluorescent Bulbs Create Bright, Airy Spaces

Fluorescent bulbs are low-pressure mercury-vapour gas discharge bulbs that produce bright, white light. While this type of lighting once had a reputation for being a tad old-fashioned, modern fluorescent lighting is a brilliant choice in rooms of the home that require bright, clear light such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. Bright Ideas Lighting offers a range of fluorescent bulbs, tubes, and other fluorescent lighting solutions to install in your home or business to create a brighter, airier feel to any room. As well as the functional benefits of these bright, white bulbs, Fluorescent Bulbs are a fantastic addition to homes looking for a sleek, stylish, and modern feel in any room.


Outdoor Lighting for Safety & Style

One area of the home that’s often forgotten when it comes to lighting solutions is the garden. Interestingly, if you have high-quality lighting installed in your home’s outdoor space, you’re less likely to be burgled than if your garden is without lighting. Bright Ideas Lighting offers a range of outdoor lighting solutions that have safety and style at the heart of all products. We supply and install a huge range of outdoor lighting solutions including pillar lighting, wall lighting, stand-alone lighting and decorative outdoor lighting. Whether you’re looking for the soft glow of outdoor string lights for your garden or want large, bright pillar lights to safeguard your property, we have you covered, with a range of lighting solutions to suit all tastes and styles.


How Do I Choose What Lighting to Get For My Home?

If you’re unsure of the best lighting to suit your home, don’t worry. The team here at Bright Ideas Lighting is always on-hand to help, ensuring that you find the perfect lighting solutions to suit your individual style, taste, and budget. Whether you’re looking for general lighting advice or have a specific idea for lighting in your home in mind, our team has years of industry experience and knowledge to ensure that your dream lighting requirements can not just be met, but exceeded. For more on our professional lighting services, get in touch with the team today.



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