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Lamps Vs Ceiling Lighting- What Should You Choose?

While most people understand how lighting can change up the entire feeling and atmosphere of a space, actually putting this into action can be difficult.

When it comes to choosing the lighting for your home, deciding whether statement ceiling/wall lighting or a high-end lamp is better for your room can be a difficult decision to make. Here, Bright Ideas Lighting will explain the pros and cons of both, and what to consider when choosing the focal point lighting for any room in your home.

What’s the Difference?
The main difference between decorative ceiling lights and lamps is the type of lighting that they omit and, in turn, the atmosphere that they create. While ceiling lights are usually bright and far-reaching, lamps can be tailored to omit a softer glow in a designated space for a more relaxing and cost atmosphere. Atmosphere and aesthetics aside, lighting for ceilings or walls is usually more expensive and difficult to install than a standard plug-in lamp, which is why many people opt for a basic ceiling light in most rooms and decorate with floor lamps and table lamps to enhance atmosphere.

Benefits of Ceiling Lights
The main benefit of decorative ceiling lighting, or wall lighting for that matter, is that it creates a wonderful focal point that can bring the overall décor and aesthetics of a room together. Whether you opt for modern, minimalist LED bulbs in a kitchen or want to go all-out on a beautiful chandelier for your living room, investing in lighting for ceilings is a sure-fire way to bring a sense of timeless elegance and class to any room. As well as the aesthetic benefits, ceiling lighting is a clearer lighting solution for the home, which is why it’s so popular for use in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and other spaces where visibility is key. Combined with high-quality LED bulbs or fluorescent bulbs, statement ceiling lighting is a reliable, beautiful, and bright solution that suits most customers’ preferences.

Benefits of Lamps
Even if you are a fan of a statement ceiling light, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t recognise the benefits of decorative lamps in the home. From dainty reading lamps to statement floor lamps, lamps are as functional as they are decorative. Alongside creating the perfect cosy glow in any room, investing in a lamp that you love can add to the overall décor of a space and really tie your design style together. As aforementioned, the majority of lamps are a far cheaper option to buy in comparison to standard statement ceiling lights, meaning that you can enhance the aesthetics of your home without having to spend massive amounts of money on installing ceiling lighting. Lamps are often powered by standard sockets, too, meaning that there is no messy or time-consuming installation service required.

In Conclusion
It’s impossible to say whether ceiling lighting or lamps are a better investment, as all properties and homeowners have different requirements. Depending on your budget, aesthetic requirements, and style, different lighting will suit your needs. If you’re unsure of the best type of lighting to invest in, why not contact our team today? With decades of experience, the team at Bright Ideas Lighting prides itself on being a wealth of knowledge and advice when it comes to helping customers with their lighting requirements, whether that be finding the perfect reading lamp or sourcing specific lighting for high ceilings or bathrooms. We do it all to leave your home looking and feeling incredible.


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