An outside garden lit up

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

While most people will spend plenty of time considering the type of lighting they want for inside the home, many will forget about the transformative properties of high-quality outdoor lighting for your garden space.

Outdoor lighting can be a beautiful addition to any home or commercial space, enhancing visibility while simultaneously creating a warm, bright, and welcoming space for people to gather and socialise well into the night. Here, we’ll explain the benefits of outdoor lighting, exploring the obvious benefits including enhanced visibility as well as the not-so-known benefits like security and atmosphere.

Create an Atmosphere
Similar to the lighting inside a property, by installing high-quality outdoor lighting in your garden, you have total control over the type of atmosphere you create outside. Just like indoor lighting, harsh, fluorescent lighting will create a cold and sterile atmosphere where warmer yellow lighting, such as outdoor fairy lights, will enhance the cosy and friendly atmosphere of a space. If you want your garden to be a comfortable and social space, investing in some high-quality solar lights could be the solution. Not only will outdoor lighting like this increase visibility, but it will contribute to the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere of your space and entice guests to relax and stay out.

Control The Aesthetic
Another huge benefit of outdoor lighting is that it can be used to control the overall aesthetic of your garden and to draw the eye to certain features that you may want to highlight. If, for example, your garden has an impressive water feature at the heart of it, installing some floor spotlights to shine onto the feature can really enhance the overall look of the feature and, in turn, improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Even smaller gardens that don’t have any obvious eye-catching details can benefit from carefully curated lighting. By installing beautiful ground spotlights or floor-mounted lights across your garden, you can draw the eye to all the stunning trees, beautiful plants, and interesting flowers across your garden space and improve its overall aesthetic wonderfully.

Enhance Security
Perhaps the most practical use of outdoor lighting is that it vastly increases the overall security of your property, especially at night-time. Strategically-placed outdoor lighting not only enhances visibility but also minimises hiding spots for potential intruders. This, overall, gives a greater sense of safety and security to your home and acts as a protection against theft and burglary. Bright Ideas Lighting offers a wide selection of outdoor lighting options to help you improve the security of your home, ranging from classic bollard lighting to modern wall-mounted lights and cost-effective solar lighting. For Athlone outdoor lights that don’t compromise on quality, choose Bright Ideas Lighting today.


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